Alberta NDP to “invest” $500M in oil industry they’ve destroyed. (PS: Meet the “genius” in charge…)

So in the past nine months the Alberta NDP has destroyed nearly 100,000 jobs in the province’s oil and gas industry and related sectors like construction, car and truck sales, even airlines, restaurants and hotels.

That’s in a province of 4.2 million people. Employment Insurance claims are up more than 100%.

But you know what Ronald Reagan said about how government thinks: If it moves, tax it. If it still moves, regulate it. When it stops moving, subsidize it.

So yesterday, the same Alberta NDP announced that it would spend $500 million tax dollars “investing” in… the oil industry!

That’s NDP math:

Kill the private sector goose that lays billion dollar eggs.

Then take some taxpayer money and “invest” it in “new petrochemical facilities” — like the ones Alberta already has.

And remember: Notley hasn’t even brought in her carbon tax yet…

(PS: WATCH and I’ll tell you who Notley picked to run this “investment” scheme…)

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THEN:’s own Brian Lilley is leading the charge against Kathleen Wynne: the scandal, the lies, and the waste.

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