BIZARRE: Elizabeth May comes to the defence of — the Islamic State!

The Green Party is pretty much a fake creation. It’s just one MP, Elizabeth May, basically an opinion pundit who gets paid by taxpayers. The party is a rounding error — just 3.5% in the last election.

In reality, Elizabeth May has always been a stalking horse for the Liberals, which brings me to what happened this week.

Much of the civilized world has condemned the Islamic State as committing genocide. But for a long time, Trudeau’s Liberals refused to do so. (After all, if you admit there’s a genocide, and you’re the guy who pulled out the CF-18s, you look pretty immoral…)

But their mini-me, Elizabeth May, knew her job — be a pro-Liberal pundit. So she wrote this week: “Trad def [sic] of genocide is that it is perpetrated by a gov’t, or dominant group.”

Yeah, about that. It’s called the Islamic State. It’s a rogue country, but it’s a country. It’s as big as the United Kingdom. It collects taxes, it has courts — they’re sharia courts. An army obviously and a flag.

WATCH and find out what else she said. Basically she just started making things up…

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