CBC unveils plot to assassinate Alberta Premier Notley? Here’s what REALLY happened

Rachel Notley, the NDP premier of Alberta, was warned by government officials last November that a carbon tax could kill 15,000 jobs, reduce GDP by up to 1.5%, scare away billions in investment and generally kick Alberta families when they’re down.

All in a document the NDP hid, illegally. They are required by law to disclose documents under access to information laws.

We here at the Rebel specifically requested any economic studies relating to the carbon tax — and we were given a propaganda brochure instead.

At least someone in the civil service wouldn’t go along with that unethical conduct. They leaked a copy of the real documents to the Calgary Herald.

But that’s not what dominated media coverage over the weekend. I’ll show you what did:

A novelty item at an oilmen’s golf tournament. A cardboard picture of Premier Notley at a hole in one contest on a putting green. Get it? Hit a golf ball at the premier. A pretty mild form of protest.

But the CBC assigned three reporters to this story.

They also found a failed NDP candidate, Janis Irwin, to condemn this example of “violent discourse” and “sexism.” (But the CBC didn’t happen to mention who Irwin works for now…)

Either Rachel Notley is a real premier, or she is a token.

By whining, fainting and pretending to be a gentle little flower, she’s confirming the stereotype that girls can’t do everything men can.

And shame on the media for enabling this…

NEXT: Lorrie Goldstein is in studio to explain how carbon tax plans will destroy Ontario and Alberta.

(For one thing, these taxes are not “revenue neutral,” despite what proponents claim.)

THEN: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has an update on a story of anti-Christian bigotry we’ve been following since the beginning.

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