“Donald Trump just gave the best foreign policy speech in America in 15 years” — WATCH these highlights

Before I saw Donald Trump give a political speech, I laughed at his chances, because I thought he was unserious, if not an outright huckster. But then I watched his campaign kick-off speech.

And as each minute passed I thought, “Hey, that makes sense. And so does that.”

And just his tone, being proud of America in a way that you could tell he meant. I became a bit of a convert that first day.

Yesterday, Trump gave a major speech on radical Islam, immigration and foreign policy that was so clear, principled and forceful, I’ve never heard anything like it from a politician of any magnitude. It would never have been approved by a professional political campaign manager.

Here’s just one excerpt:

We cannot continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people to pour into our country many of whom have the same thought process as this savage killer. Many of the principles of radical Islam are incompatible with Western values and institutions. Remember this, radical Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay and anti-American. I refuse to allow America to become a place where gay people, Christian people, Jewish people are targets of persecution and intimation by radical Islamic preachers of hate and violence.

After you watch the speech along with me, ask yourself:

Is Donald Trump really “crazy”, as the liberal media says?

Or is it crazy to keep doing what we’ve been doing, simply hoping that Muslim terrorists will stop killing us on their own?

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