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Dear Friend,

We’ve been borrowing camera equipment and shooting videos from our living rooms since the Sun News Network closed. That’s what a start-up should feel like — but we want to build something more serious now. Will you help us?

We want to bring you amazing stories, in-depth interviews and do on-the-scene reporting, like the Sun used to do. We want to talk about the stories the Media Party ignores. But to do that, we need equipment.

We need to buy TV cameras. Lights and microphones. Laptop computers with video editing software. Even mini-studios, with desks and attractive back-drops. Right now we’re based in Toronto, and Brian Lilley is holding the fort in Ottawa. But we need to expand out West, too.

We’ve got a business plan. Will you help us get the tools to implement that plan?

Please look through this page that lists some of the items we need to buy. Unlike CTV, we don’t have billions of dollars. Unlike the CBC, we don’t have a government subsidy. We’re the underdogs. But with your help, we’ll be able to be the nation’s watchdogs!

Please help us crowdfund our equipment to get us started. We promise to work as hard and as smart as we can to live up to your expectations.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant, on behalf of the entire team of rebels