Hundreds more job cuts in Alberta: For the NDP, everything’s going according to plan

More terrible news for Albertans — and that means, for Canada.

Husky Energy has cut 500 another jobs. That’s on top of 1,400 jobs it cut last fall. Suncor and Cenovus have announced big job cuts, too.

It’s a disaster: about 100,000 jobs lost all together, in the past year, and every one of those jobs is a family that is now in trouble paying its mortgage and putting food on the table.

But who cares? Not Alberta’s NDP.

They want Alberta to “transition” off of fossil fuels, anyway.

We know that because they’ve said so for years.

And the worst is yet to come. Notley’s carbon tax will wring out billions of dollars from already hurting families, and add costs to companies barely hanging on.

But in NDP-land, things are just great: 100,000 private sector jobs were lost last year — but 47,000 new government jobs were created in Alberta at the same time. Unionized, public sector jobs. The NDP’s friends are getting rich.

So to Notley’s NDP, everything’s going according to plan. More unions, less free market. More government workers, fewer oil workers. Mission accomplished…

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