Media Party asks itself: Are we TOO MUCH in love with Justin Trudeau?

So the CBC had a panel discussion about whether or not they love Justin Trudeau too much. I’m serious.

The discussion was called: “Trudeau Mania: Has the media stopped asking the hard questions?” Which of course suggests that they ever asked Justin Trudeau the hard questions to begin with…

But what better way to get to the truth about something than having one journalist ask three other journalists about it, on the CBC? And of course, everyone on the show is a liberal from Toronto.

(Granted, one of them was a pro-Trudeau journalist who is also a visible minority. Diversity!)

And shamefully, none of these panelists disclosed their deep, personal connections to Trudeau.

I’m not just talking about Paul Wells and his long-time friendship with Justin Trudeau. There was Jonathan Kay, too. He was introduced as the editor of The Walrus, but no mention that he was the ghostwriter for Trudeau’s biography — which he did while he was still the comment editor of the National Post, in charge of which pro-Trudeau and anti-Trudeau op-eds got published. What a disgrace.

This isn’t Trudeau mania, CBC.

It’s Trudeau erotica…

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