No surprise: Trudeau abandons combat mission against ISIS, “the Nazis of our age”

Today Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberal government will abandon Canada’s combat mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

This can’t be a surprise. During the campaign, Trudeau mocked the Royal Canadian Air Force, specifically the jets we were using in the mission, with his juvenile “whip them out” joke.

And Trudeau dresses in a Muslim abaya, supports Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated mosques and appointed Omar Alghabra, the Saudi-born former president of the anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist Canadian Arab Federation, to be parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs.

There’s more: Today we released a shocking document from the Department of National Defence. It shows Trudeau’s plans to turn seven of our military bases into refugee camps. You can’t say the “Lord’s Prayer” in a Canadian school or legislature, but the Liberals are going to spend taxpayers’ money building mosques and buying Korans for military bases.

Quitting the combat coalition lowers Canada’s place in the world, undermines our NATO allies and reduces the coalition’s military effectiveness.

That’s the message Trudeau is sending to our friends — you can’t count on us. And the message he’s sending to our enemies? If Trudeau won’t fight against the Nazis of our age — the Islamic State — he’ll fight against no-one.

NEXT: Marc Morano from Climate Depot warns that the Pentagon has been asked to ramp up their adherence to climate change — but aren’t they supposed to be busy keeping America safe?

For one thing, they’ve been ordered to take “carbon footprints” and environmental damage into account before dropping bombs!

Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam is watching his continent fall apart over the migrant crisis. He’ll tell us about a grassroots movement called PEGIDA, which is rising up to protest the Islamification of the continent.

Is PEGIDA really “racist” as even some conservative groups like UKIP insist? Kassam says that critics of refugee policy are regularly called “racists,” even people like him who have an immigrant background.

PLUS he reveals what happened during a live interview Tommy Robinson did with Al-Jazeera!

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