Notley backs down from blacklisting The Rebel — but here’s why the fight’s not over

The NDP premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, has backed down from her illegal blacklist of Rebel journalists. But we’ve still got work to do.

Yesterday, Notley’s attempt to ban journalists dominated national news. Our battle trended on Twitter and Facebook, and even made international headlines.

So today, Notley’s spin doctor sent out an email:

“We’ve heard a lot of feedback from Albertans and media over the course of the last two days and it’s clear we made a mistake. The government has appointed former Western Canadian Bureau Chief for Canadian Press, Heather Boyd to consult and give us recommendations on what the government’s media policies should be. In the meantime, no one will be excluded from government media events.”

See that? The lifting of the blacklist is only “in the meantime”. Notley may revert to a policy of government-regulated journalism, if her hand-picked consultant can find a way to spin it.

As you know, we hired lawyers to deal with this matter, and their work isn’t done yet. For one thing, we’re demanding acknowledgement from the Alberta Department of Justice that the vendetta is over. Or we’ll sue.

So it’s a partial victory, but still a win for Canada, and our values of freedom of the press — against an angry bully who thought she could push us around, like she pushes everyone else around.

Thank you to all our readers and viewers (and even some of our “enemies”!) who showed their support so publicly. It made all the difference.

NEXT: Duane Bratt, Political Science Professor from Mount Royal University, on why the controversy between Notley and The Rebel is far from over.

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Also: How has this controversy harmed Notley’s image in the province and the rest of Canada?

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FINALLY: Your letters to me, including lots of feedback about the Alberta NDP and their bullying tactics! And maybe you’ll have an easier time understanding one Media Party member’s tweets than I did…

Thanks for watching, and for your incredible support!