Notley visited D.C. to “promote Alberta’s oil sands” — but hear what she REALLY said about pipelines

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley just went down to Washington, D.C., to pitch the oilsands. But Obama announced his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline shortly after Justin Trudeau was elected. So there’s not really a lot to talk about.

What counts are the Canadian pipeline proposals: two in B.C., and one to New Brunswick.

Of course, Ontario, Quebec and B.C. are opposing them (even though they have no constitutional right to do so) because their premiers get votes at home for such posturing.

The Northern Gateway pipeline has been approved. So why won’t Notley challenge the fake objections of Christy Clark, Kathleen Wynne or Phillipe Couillard?

Because she just doesn’t want to.

Rachel Notley will fight the oil patch, farmers and ranchers. She’ll even fight against our little company, The But not these premiers.

She’s pretending to sell pipelines to the country and the world, but she’s not even trying. The only use Rachel Notley has for oil is to tax it…

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Derek Fildebrandt, the Wildrose Shadow Minister of Finance, talks to me about his personal protest:

He’s vowing to eat Alberta beef for seven days straight!

It’s a fun story, but we have a serious conversation about boycotts in general, “ketchup patriotism,” ethical oil and lots more.

THEN: Aaron Wudrick, the Ottawa director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, joins me to discuss Bombardier’s latest arrogant taxpayer shakedown — even after getting a lucrative contract from Delta.

You won’t believe this insane story.

FINALLY: Your messages, emails and tweets to me, reacting to some of our big stories last week: The Earls boycott, John Kerry’s greedy “green” hypocrisy and more.