Pope Francis meets with Bernie Sanders and Muslim “refugees” — but why not persecuted Christians?

Pope Francis is political. Every pope is. And the other day he met with the socialist candidate for the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders.

The meeting was the pope’s idea. But if anyone thinks that the pope inviting Sanders for a visit on the eve of the New York primary is political, well, the pope says you should, “look for a psychiatrist”.

The pope said that while returning from the Greek island of Lesbos, which is overrun by Muslim migrants.

The pope’s trip was a photo op, to take three Muslim migrant families back with him on his private jet. But why? Isn’t the real problem the genocide of Christians throughout Muslim lands?

Of course, the pope didn’t actually bring these three Muslim families into Vatican City. They’ll be living in Rome. Vatican City remains walled off; no refugees can climb that wall, and if they tried, they’d be shot by the Pope’s elite Swiss Guard…

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