REVEALED: The Liberals first act after taking power? Getting Google to DELETE Harper’s websites

In the book “1984″ by George Orwell, the hero, Winston Smith works for a government “information” ministry where he doctors old newspapers, to change past headlines to conform with the latest political fashion.

Here in the real world, Conservative MP Candice Bergen has discovered that the Liberals’ first act upon forming government in early November of last year was to purge any record of Stephen Harper’s public websites as prime minister.

The Liberals asked Google to do scrub the Internet, and they did.

In fact, Google went further: if you search for Stephen Harper’s press releases, it sends you to Justin Trudeau’s.

This isn’t just a symbol of the Liberals’ disrespect for Harper and those who voted for him, and all of his legitimate laws. It’s a sign of their self-regard, a narcissism, a sense of divine right…

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