Roosh is back: The Left attacks “world’s most hated man” — but ignore Muslim migrant rape epidemic

Last summer I interviewed Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V., the self-described pick-up artist.

A pick-up artist gives men tips on how to get dates. Or, to be more blunt, how to get a girl to agree to have sex. Naturally, some people don’t like that, especially some women.

In reaction to him coming to Canada to give a couple of speeches, tens of thousands of Canadian social justice warriors signed a petition to keep him out of the country!

In Toronto, the mayor and other politicians condemned him and demanded that hotels and conference centres not rent a room to him.

So that was last summer. But Roosh recently tweeted a picture of a plane ticket to Australia. That’s all it took. The social justice warriors down under went nuts.

Then Roosh said he was looking to hire a military-style naval craft make his Australian landing. The commissioner in charge of border security for Australia actually tweeted back to him, warning that the navy had made note of his plan of attack.

Can you believe that?

Some say Roosh promotes the legalization of rape. That’s not true. He wrote an article called “How To Stop Rape.” It’s satire, and anyone who reads it knows it was satire. Unless they don’t read it, and have no intention of doing that.

Here’s what’s interesting:

Back in August, when Roosh came to Toronto, he made a video. His father is Iranian, so in the video he said, Lay off! I’m a Muslim! He claimed he was seeking shelter in a mosque, and all those feminists hunting him in Toronto had better stay out.

And you know what? It worked.

Around that same time, the massive wave of Muslim migrants to Europe was just revving up, and that has led to the greatest wave of sexual assaults in Europe since the Second World War.

Australia is practically having an epileptic seizure over Roosh.

But Australia’s top imam once said that if women are raped, it’s their fault for not covering up in a burka. And it wasn’t satire.

Back in August of 2015, my point was, how gross it was for every politician in Canada to threaten to ban someone for having the wrong views.

But the story today is different.

Because all of these deeply concerned people who hate Roosh don’t really speak up about real rape culture.

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