SHOCKING PHOTO: Omar Khadr on video call with Al Qaida supporter he met in Gitmo

Omar Khadr, the convicted Al Qaida war criminal who is out on bail pending a long-shot appeal, is communicating with other Al Qaida activists he met while detained in Guantanamo Bay.

Here’s a photo, taken from a pro-terrorist Facebook page:

It shows Omar Khadr, on an iPhone, doing a video call with another former Guantanamo Bay Al Qaida supporter, now living in the UK, named Moazzam Begg.

Like Khadr, Begg freely admits that he supports the jihad, that he personally attended two different terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, and that bought weapons for the jihad.

And like Khadr, he’s been released. Begg is now a leading pro-jihad activist in the UK.

In the photo, you can see the subject matter of their discussion: Guatanamo Bay. Here’s the caption on the photo:

“Did you guys see this, Zaynab Khadr, Maham Eslamnah, Maryma Khadr? Omar joined Moazzam on FT for Gitmo 14 year anniversary.”

Zainab Khadr is Omar’s pro-terrorist sister. Maha is his pro-terrorist mother. “FT” presumably refers to “facetime,” the videophone feature on an iPhone.

This call surely violates Omar Khadr’s bail conditions. Or does it?

I wrote to Khadr’s lawyer, Dennis Edney, and asked him about this.

He wrote back that he did “not wish to participate.”

I think my letter deeply troubled Edney, because it shows that his love affair with his client, and his narrative that Khadr was just a little lamb, who has long ago left the life of Al Qaida behind him — that whole narrative is false.

Omar Khadr has never renounced Al Qaida, or the jihad, or his father’s terrorism.

And now we have photographic proof that he’s still in touch with Al Qaida.

Omar Khadr belongs back in jail.

Visit and sign our petition to throw this terrorist back in prison, where he belongs.

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