The Rebel’s “refugee camp” scoop makes international news — but Canada’s Media Party ignores it

Yesterday we broke the news that the Liberals have ordered the Department of National Defence to draft plans to house 6,000 Syrian migrants on Canadian military bases.

These plans involve turning these bases into long-term Muslim refugee camps complete with Korans, prayer rugs and mosques.

I’ve since received e-mails from Canadian Armed Forces personnel confirming what I had reported, and telling me details about the mosque being prepared on site.

Because of that exclusive investigative report, more than 100,000 people came to website yesterday alone. The story’s been picked up around the world, from London to New York to Washington.

But Canadian media has ignored it.

This causes me great despair.

To me it’s a sign of a congenital weakness in our democracy and our media. I suppose I should rejoice and say, well, we’ll have the entire market for ourselves. That’s why we’re getting record traffic: 18 million minutes of video watched in the past 28 days.

This tells me that Canadians are desperate for the other side of the story.

And it makes me think:

What dozen or hundred other news stories have I missed, because my moral and intellectual superiors in the media and political class didn’t want me to know about them?

NEXT: Long time immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann explains why he’s skeptical of Trudeau’s idea of an immigration policy overhaul, including relaxing language requirements.

As well, he’s just back from testifying before the U.S. Senate about Canada’s refugee policy and the security issues it raises for America.

Mamann has been a lifelong advocate for refugees, so his thoughtful, measured insights are valuable for all of us to hear.
THEN: Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter takes a close look at Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s falling poll numbers.

I have a theory I call “The Two Albertas”and I ask him if it’s accurate — and what would happen if a provincial election were held today.

(PS: Lorne says that leftists who thought Stephen Harper was “controlling” should take a look at Notley’s style!)

FINALLY: Your letters to me — One viewer doesn’t like my grammar, and another is thinking of moving to Russia!

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