Too corrupt for the real police, just right for the CHRC


When I first came across this blog post, I admit I didn’t believe it: “Sandy” Kozak, the Canadian Human Rights Commission officer investigating Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine, is the same as “Sandra” Kozak, the former Ottawa-area cop drummed out of the Carleton Place Municipal Police Service for “discreditable conduct” — she had an improper relationship with a serial criminal. Kozak was too corrupt to be a real police officer, but she was just right for the CHRC, which snapped her up.

Then again, I didn’t believe it when I first learned that CHRC investigators like Richard Warman and Dean Steacy were members of the white supremacist Stormfront website, and would frequently cruise that site posting the most abominable misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and anti-Black filth. I just didn’t believe the CHRC was that corrupt until I saw the proof of it. Posting bigotry to better fight bigotry — sort of like a cop dating a criminal to better understand the criminal mind. I wonder if Kozak is the one who taught Dean Steacy how to steal wireless broadband from some innocent bystander without attracting the attention of authorities. 

It must have been tough for the Carleton Place Municipal Police Service to fire Kozak; according to this series of stories in the Ottawa Citizen, she was the first female cop in the CPMPS, and to lose that kind of politically correct window dressing must have been a blow to the force’s PR image. But that’s the way it is with real police: they don’t turn a blind eye to corruption amongst their number, they aggressive investigate and punish it. That’s why Canadian police have respect and trust – we know that someone is watching the watchmen. No-one is watching the CHRC, and they know it, so their abuses grow worse by the year.

In a real police force, the police chief is responsible for his men – and responsible for rooting out the bad apples. Not so at the CHRC, where their “general counsel”, Ian Fine, when asked by the National Post about obvious abuses within the CHRC, dismissed them off-hand, and curtly said “that’s the end of the matter”. Could you imagine if news of a corrupt police officer was in the papers on a near-daily basis, and the chief of police simply brushed the concerns off with the back of his hand or, as other HRCs have done, simply called the rogue cop an “extreme” case, and told people not to focus so much on him?

Sandra “Sandy” Kozak had an ongoing affair with a criminal. Not an ex-con — hell, everyone deserves a second chance — but a serial criminal who was under investigation and criminal charges while she was dating him. Perhaps love got the better of her — we’ve all heard the bizarre stories of women who are attracted to prisoners, and even marry them in jail-house ceremonies. Maybe Kozak was such a woman; but the ethical answer would be to choose a life of law enforcement, or a life of loyalty to a criminal. Because she couldn’t see the conflict between her duty to the public and her oath, and her personal loyalty to a criminal, she was charged with ”discreditable conduct”, and eventually agreed to a plea bargain, whereby she agreed to leave the police in return for a severance package and the charge being dropped. She was blind to her own conduct, but the police force wasn’t. That’s called the rule of law. As the Citizen articles point out, someone drummed out of one police force that way wasn’t likely to be hired by any other police force, even if she had the politically important quality of being a woman. She was just too corrupted, and she wouldn’t even acknowledge it.

So of course the CHRC hired her. I’m sorry, but I can’t think of any commentary or analysis that is more damning than that naked fact: a discredited, defrocked cop, who couldn’t see that her personal relationship with a criminal was a conflict with her being a police officer, was hired by the CHRC. I bet the CHRC didn’t even see that as a negative — they probably thought of that kind of malleable morality was a plus: no nagging conscience to ask “are we sure this is ethical?” when planting evidence on websites, stealing Internet broadband, or corrupting the process of natural justice.

Kozak must be laughing. By being part of the CHRC, every day she gets to take her revenge on the justice system that dared to interfere with her dangerous liaisons. As a CHRC investigator, she routinely violates norms of natural justice, fair play and public accountability — and she gets paid for it. Mark Steyn and Maclean’s aren’t just being punished by radical jihadis with a political and religious hatred for our system of laws. They’re being punished by a bad cop who, every day, undermines the rule of law as a black karmic vengeance for it having dared to disrupt her love affair.

All I can add is: where the hell is the justice minister

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