Twitter’s new “Trust and Safety Council” is a disaster for free speech — so what’s REALLY behind it?

In the past few months, we’ve seen some disconcerting clues that Twitter was bringing in censorship.

As we’ve told you before, Milo Yiannopoulos, a columnist with Breitbart London, was disciplined by Twitter for having anti-feminist views — even though he himself is a socially liberal gay man. And that’s just one example of someone on the “right” who’s been targeted by the social justice warriors who work at Twitter.

Twitter’s stock price has been tanking. Unlike their rival Facebook, they’re not growing followers, either.

So yesterday, CEO Jack Dorsey made his big reveal for fixing this:

He’s appointed a board of censors called a “Trust and Safety Council.”

Doesn’t that sound Orwellian?

WATCH and I’ll tell you about some of its members — a bunch of anti-”hate speech” groups.

If you like using Twitter, and you’re a conservative or just a grown up who believes in freedom, then this new council is a leftwing triumph, but a free speech disaster.

And it’s going to be a corporate disaster, too.

Or is it?

Maybe Jack Dorsey is preparing Twitter for entry into the Chinese market, where it is currently banned by the government. Jack could lose every single American and Canadian customer like me, but if he gets the approval of the Chinese government, he could get ten new followers for every one he lost…

THEN: Our own Brian Lilley joins me to talk about Twitter’s foray into censorship. Will he and I be banned just for talking about this?

He says he has a one-word explanation for what’s driving Twitter’s new endeavor…

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